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Empty soul

First of all younghitler, there is a white western world outside of America you know and in that world, namely Europe, the state enforces an open border policy wherein the individual has no legal right to disallow anyone moving within Europe the ability to come and go as they please and this is where your theory on statism gets debunked because modern western societies, including America, are not state controlled as they are deregulated markets up for purchase and therefore owned by whoever can afford the purchasing costs.

Your IT sector in America for example often makes their own citizens unemployed so that they can hire Indians on the cheap using H-1B visas. This is not a state decision but a corporate one by organisations with power above and beyond that of the state. It’s the same reason why your food chain is polluted with all sorts of shit and your peoples health is suffering in that privately owned corporations and businesses run roughshod over any attempt to regulate them.

Right now in western Europe there are many millions of unemployed people homeless or living precariously and requiring social support and food handouts because the corporations and businesses on purposely made them redundant and replaced them with immigrants who are paid much less to do the same job. These people are paid so little in fact that they fall under the basic taxable income rate and also require social support payments just to keep them alive. This as you can imagine does not benefit the state because it increases their expenditure whilst reducing their income however this does not mean that corporations and businesses are anti-state and therefore should be applauded and celebrated because all they have done is replace the state and increase the levels of cruelty and exploitation. You could say then that corporations and businesses are the new state themselves because they have taken control over state policy via financial leverage.

What is the true “state” then if it is not greedy politicians up for purchase or corporations out to milk the populaces like cows?. The true nature of the state then can only really be said to be the will of the masses and therein lies the answer to your theory in that human beings have always been tribal and territorial well before any notion of government and state ever came into existence because they had to be because the world does not have unlimited resources and right now those resources are at breaking point in western Europe and as a result crime and social decay as increased massively because so many people have been allowed to enter it and make use of it without any thought given to sustainability.

Western Europe as always been at the front of social and scientific advancement as well and so if this is all happening in Europe right now you can bet America will follow this route sooner or later.

To conclude then, anything that goes against the will of the majority can be said to be statist in nature because it forces upon them a action and/or event that they did not ask for and/or want to begin with. The majority of people all around the world want their own territory and they want less immigration into that territory. That is their will and to do otherwise is statism.