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Becaus women make up the majority of voters. Also not all men are created equal, most are simp, white knight beta cucks who do women’s bidding in exchange for pussy. Most guys can’t get easy pussy so they fret and obsess over it to the point were they will kill other men for it. This why men do evil things and when they finally get a female to share her pussy with them, they will do anything to keep that pussy because it’s a psychological addiction as well as emotional and physical. They are feeding their addiction and yes, they are addicted to pussy. So females give men pussy in exchange for resources and proxy power. They manipulate the males and use all the taxes males put in but only put a little in. They are exploiting the males addiction. Then they control the market of supply and demand by convincing the men to make buying and selling pussy illegal. This way they can keep their strangle hold on their pussy value- because whores lower the value by selling it dirt cheap compared to what I mentioned and more. Now we have sex robots. The women are already complaining. Maybe you are not. Maybe others are not. But mainstream females are finding the threat to their Monopoly real as fuck. I expect to see many bans against the robots as well increased bacholor taxes. Yes. Men are taxed for being single. The state as well needs men in servitude. This is unorthodox thinking. But not new.
Also. Pointing out an observation doesn’t make that person a women hater. The real women haters are men and women who think women are helpless beings who need a strong grave man in order to survive. These people do drastic harm to the average female by not allowing her agency and autonomy! Pussy passes and chivalry are misogynistic! I just happen to have many female friends who agree with me. Karen straughn on YouTube holds similar views as me. Of course many many women DO HATE HER for her views shock their core beliefs. There are at least a dozen promising female youtubers who I appreciate and even have deep appreciation for. When you and the others spread false allegation it is extremely harmful, but no one cares becaus your belief systems are right and you whatever harm comes from it is rationalized I.E.- excuse. Hip tip. Refrain from using allegations and insults and focuse on the argument and posit theories. When you insult( as many many do here on BG) it simply shows that you are mentally incapable of comprehension and basically just a grown child throwing a fit. Only call people what you can prove. Or you risk looking like a complete fool.