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Empty soul

Yeah, I think I’m going to stop trying to talk sense into you too, you seem to be operating from pure fantasy.

There is no individual person per part of land per property that they personally defend against all invaders, there never has been and never will be because simple human greed causes some to want more than their own individual share which forces others to band together for protection rather than be picked off one after another and over time these alliances become tribal wherein order gets maintained and action governed by tribal vote. This is true as far back as the caveman era and it is still how the African Tribal people live even today.

Modern cities and governments are just a twist on the above natural human behaviour because not all human beings are born equal and therefore require a society to survive just as they once required a tribe, a village or any other collective order for the very same reasons.

What I’m telling you is that herd mentality and rule by the majority is the natural order to life the same way as fish swim in schools, cows graze in groups and hyenas hunt in packs because it aids our survival to be that way.

Even social clubs, religious orders, sports clubs and any other gathering by human beings in general is ran by majority rule because it is ingrained within our natural survival instincts to follow the flock. Even your own anti-statist ideology is the product of group think, you did not just wake up one morning anti-statist a collection of peoples, ideologies, arguments and debates brought you here.

Even monkeys in the wild have a society amongst themselves and a chosen leader. They even kill dissenters amongst their ranks as well.

To conclude then, the natural behaviour of human beings is one of majority rule well before any governments are formed and get put into place so as I keep telling you over and over again you are only going to observe one or the other, a government rule or a mob rule.

Anyhow, I too have had enough of this nonsense so if you wish to keep making arguments from fantasy rather than reality you’re free to do so.