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Muja Mi Rona

A funny video video from a channel I like.

Video description:

Trump is a zionist roboton serving the choose. America has been taken over from within and is now controlled by the jews and you are ALL their bitches! YOU ARE NOW IN THE NEW “JEW” ORDER!

Trump is the go to man to obtain ‘greater israel’ or rather ‘eretz israel’ which hes manouvering into position to do. ‘Eretz’ Israel is PLANET EARTH. The hebrew word ‘eretz’ is from the cognate ‘erets’ which mean “EARTH” in hebrew. ‘Eretz’ in hebrew means ‘the land’. ZION IS PLANET EARTH, THE JEW WORLD ORDER. Trump….

1. is banning muslims (native enemy of THE JEWS)
2. he decertified the Iran deal
3. he declared Jerusalem Israels capital
4. he exhonerated a jew of money laundering 27 million dollars
5. his entire administration are jews
6. he has made BDS a ‘crime’
7. he has shut down internet free speech through google, yt, facebook etc.
8. israel colluded with the US and Russia during the election
9.he just gave a 1.9 trillion dollar windfall to JEWISH BANKERS through his tax plan
10.he is instigating war with Iran and N Korea, both enemies of Israel