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Lord Wankdust


Where exactly were they going to try to expand into?

The North Sea?

The Atlantic Ocean?

The Irish Sea?

The English Channel?

As for using James VI of Scotland (and 1st of England) as an example. He expanded his crown into “The King of Great Britain” (he expanded England into Scotland in 1606 with the Treaty and Act of Union) and also declared himself to be Lord of Ireland. He remains unforgiven by many Scots for his betrayal of the sovereign Nation of Scotland into a slimy pact with a parcel of rogues in Westminster.

James VI also expanded into the Western Isles which were ruled by the Lord of The Isles (not the Scottish Monarch or the English throne) and sent privateers (pirates and mercenaries) from Fife to subjugate the Western Isles, Inner Hebrides and all lands which fell under The Lordship of The Isles. James VI is a terrible example of an expansionist Monarch who wreaked merry havoc which is still felt to this day.