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GDPR Harvester

Thank you my Lord, I’m always delighted to be schooled in history. I assume what YH is trying to say is that his wife that made him do it 🙂
A rein with a queen was more likely to be attacked or merged with another through marriage (expansion, and further expansion). Office denominations were many times symbolic (like naming a horse a consul) and just like there are not that many iron ladies today, I’m sure there were not that many in the past.
Tho I’m MGTOW today and oppressed by modern women, I KNOW in the past, in most societies (not all), women were indeed treated and worked as cattle and had as many rights. It’s non sense to claim they used us trough out history, and most times they held power, rules had to be bent for it to happen. The hypothetical behavior of a handful of female regents do not explain modern female behavior so I claim this article biased. I’m sure happy for many female achievements, I just wish they knew when is enough and what it means to be fair.