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GDPR Harvester

Hi @itsplaster, I’m not trying to pick a fight, I sincerely disagree with you… and sorry for the personal comment. I’m aware of this case and its just too awful. He was sick indeed and mentioned to her one too many times he wanted to off himself … She made him PROMISE he would follow through on his treats against himself and more than many times she would push… “are you ready already? You promised me you would do it!” She was virtually with him on the phone and for those who don’t get my previous comment, he left the car saying to her “-I’m scared”. Your arguments do no suffice. One doesn’t have to hold the knife to be accountable… by those standards drug lords are not murderers since they do not commit the crimes themselves. What about paying for someone else to do it? It upsets me immensely you blame his family… It’s not an easy subject… If someone threatens to commit suicide, it doesn’t mean he belongs in the hospital forever. The family obviously though they could do a better job and they did their best. Its bad enough that some people hear voices from the inside telling them to do something but for someone else to be bulling them to do it?! -Go jump off a building you fucking idiot! That’s not for you 🙂 I just want to point this is not the same thing. She did not just assist him but challenge and push him to do it a hundred times. I’m glad this case sets a precedent for others. Actions like that are beyond the moral arena. And your constitution is not the word of gOD. The only thing I could agree with you is… indeed some or many men have double standards… like most humans do.