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Lord Wankdust

@MasterPlan There was a woman eventually behind James VI. A Scandic Slut called Anne. But James was the cunt. Anne was into ABBA, getting fucked and Viking Shit.

James VI of Scotland (and 1st of England) preferred men (and in particular the cock of Lord Lennox who the King made a Duke) and James’s closeness to Lennox was the whisper of the Royal Court. Lennox was accused of drawing the young King James into “carnal lust”. Many in the Scottish Court saw Lennox as attempting to usurp the power of the King’s Court and lure the youthful James into anal sport. In a weird anti-gay sub-plot, King James was kidnapped by his own country, imprisoned at Ruthven (1582) and Lennox was forced into exile! Thus was King James VI of Scotland lured away from the perils of anal frippery and into the fishy-minged snail-trail of young Anne of Denmark. They were quickly married.
James was immediately converted to being a vag-man, spunked his Scandic bitch with his Scottish Super Semen and promptly had three children and embarked on his bloodthirsty campaign against his own countrymen, Ireland, the Welsh, The Western Isles, The Lord of the Isles, the Kingdom of Man and sold Scotland down the river into the hands of English Domination through the Treaty of Berwick.

James the VI and 1st was an expansionist monarch who expanded his kingdom and wealth in a totally self-serving and opportunistic manner.