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Where I live, I can defend myself against amateur criminals and punk gangbangers,regardless of their race. I agree that blacks seem to commit high crimes comparably. But that’s were it stops with me. In the U.S. Crime is down considerably and with the enchroaching police state it’s no wonder.
Now, I believe that (relatively) white run governments have and do commit more crimes than blacks. I believe white people have demonstrated their extreme violence when they lynched and hung slaves from trees, carried out orders to kill, rain uranium on innocent people, slaughter native Americans like the battle at wounded knee…. and quite a bit more. Now I don’t really care who did what. I just like pointing out hypocrisy. You benefit from the certain crimes committed and now that you get to chill, you want to be all moral. Naw, you are just as bad as the niggers because you deflect from all crime to selective crime.
Police are not heroic at all, they are likely to trash men who don’t prevent trash they just show up to manage it- police don’t stop crime, they manage it.
Here in the U.S. People are 9x more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist, so I will take my chances with the terrorist. I use cost to benefit analysis as do all MGTOW.
HUMANS are as violent as you
Let them be.
Thought experiment- Just because I can steal and rob my way to a tranquil lifestyle, and now sit within a gated community, doesn’t change the fact that I am a criminal.
I am hardly concerned with black or white or whatever the fuck criminals. I am concerned with governments criminals. They have killed over 200 million people and that overshadows the Brazilians. To me at least.