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Empty soul


Thanks. I wouldn’t say that being racist was a position of enlightenment though, it’s a shitty stance to take no matter how you look at it however if all the information you have seen, all the experiences you have personally gone through and all the standpoints you have argued and made still brings you back to a position of racism then shitty or not it is the position you must take because to do otherwise would be to abandon the practicalities of your own mind in relation to your own external reality which will only lead to psychological instability, mental retardation and untimely death.

For example if the majority of lions would attack you upon entering their personal space you would steer well clear of them regardless of the fact that some of them might be friendlier, not because you hate the colour of their fur but because you acknowledge the dangers associated with them as a result of their past violent behaviour as recorded per capita.

I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes realism is branded racism in order to protect an agenda and hide the truth whilst other times racism is disguised as realism and for much the same reasons therefore it is up to all of us to study and pull apart any suggestions and standpoints thrown our own way so as to be more firmer and steadfast in our own belief systems because at the end of the day the more real they are the better we can adapt, cope and survive in this shitty old world of ours.

Also, never be afraid to attack and reconfirm your own belief system from time to time. Stagnation breeds laziness after all and laziness creates holes in arguments and belief systems which leaves us open to being controlled and misled by others.

To conclude then, I am only one man and what I say may be wrong and/or on purposely deceitful at times which is why we all need to individually ascertain the truth for ourselves. Hopefully then the information I have thrown your way will go someway towards your own search for the truth in regards to what we have debated and discussed here over the last few days.

Good hunting Masterplan.