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Lord Wankdust

One girl teen who left school for five months back at the tail end of 2016 and returned as “boy” at Easter 2017 after months of directive counselling has been outta school now for the last three months. “He” now wants to go back to being a girl again.
Standard Grade/ Nationals 2016/17 – no exams sat. No results. Nothing. No qualifications at all to put on a job or college application form. A decade of schooling down the pan. Gone.
Nationals/ Highers 2017/18 – no pre-lims will be sat. One piece of school work handed in across seven subject areas. Looks like this exam season’s final results will be exactly the same as last year’s. During this re-alignment of the failed and now unwanted prior re-alignment the pupil will finish the final year which they can remain at school. Being aged 18 no further Social Work involvement will be statutory.

Then it is out into the big world. With no Social Worker or School Counselling Gender Re-alignment teams to “help”. No access the State Benefits, Housing, college access extremely limited, employment (barely been at school for two years) seems unlikely. Perhaps a future as a gender re-alignment counsellor would be an obvious route.

There are BIG salaries and wide agendas running amock here. If you question any part of this… then you must be prejudiced…