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I agree, i often size up a person within thirry seconds at most.I am not an asshole ,i just usually am a good judge of character.

So i can believe women sexually size up men within fifteen minutes.i would go as far as saying, she is ninety percent sure of her decision within 15 secs.The minutes are just there as a safety mechanism ie drop a very goodlooking man based on a shitty personality or include a man late in sizing up based on a surprisingly better than expected sense of humour,brains,life experience and empathy etc

It makes sense,in nature the female of the species has to sense danger almost immediately to preserve herself and her young.The males can afford to be a little myopic and slow.They will eventually sniff each others assholes and if needed fight to the death.

In a way,it reminds me of the movie ” world war z”.The zombies would determine if they would bite a human in seconds exactly as in “species”, where the sexpot alien would size up men in seconds for sex based on their disease states.Those dying of cancer or far-gone diabetes did not get a look-in!