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Empty soul


There is a difference between men who are modern day pretty and men who are traditionally handsome which creates a point that also addresses your own original argument.

You see, yesteryears hunks were men like Clint Eastwood and such whilst today’s hunks are pretty boys like Justin Beiber and Leonardo Dicaprio etc. The point being that modern day pretty boy types are the result of greater estrogen at birth hence the softer, “prettier” bone, muscle and tissue structure compared to the hardened, dense structures of the former type.

Naturally then when both parents possess genetic information that pushes towards the feminine daughters are more readily produced whereas those parents possessing genetic information that pushes towards the masculine tend to create more sons.

Of course there are exceptions but on average the above holds true and therein lies the answer in that today’s women prefer “pretty boys” over “square jaws” and as such daughters will tend to flow more freely than sons.

To conclude, evolutional differences are not just some made up shit. We truly are the result of past ancestral decision making and it effects what we are now and what we will go on to be should we make no changes or allowances.