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GDPR Harvester

To make it less personal, I extend my offence to ANYONE who condone such an act. We all have flaws, some of us are weaker than others, and our ‘friend’ obviously have a real problem in hand. This is no ART and ‘in my view’ only a sadistic person would praise such behavior. If you laugh at a video of chopping heads, or burning dogs, it is of very little consequence but this sick person is a member who will most likely read your words. I praise the freedom we have in here that allow for us to discuss such subject, but the aim should be (in my view) … to spread knowledge, help each other and to make a better world. I am absolutely no one here, take me as a idiot if you like (and I probably am), but your words do hurt my morals deeply as I know it can cause REAL harm. Mental problems are a very serious matter and you are clearly taking advantage of it. For your polite response I promise not to offend you again. @intheconstellationoftheblackwidow