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@empty-soul and others (too many to name with my onefinger typing!)

Yes, i have read alot about this in the past.
The most recent article i read was about the Paleo-indians of the Americas.

It found -on the basis of skeletal remains- that the bodies of people who died and thus whose parents were good looking enough to find a mate changed over time and place many times back and forwards.

What do i mean?
I mean that over times of relative chaos and hardship, men were much taller and more masculine than women ie men were broadshouldered ,slim- hipped and formed muscle easily.The women of the time were more “feminine”, more tits and ass type ie rachel welch,marilyn monroe,and italian bombshell actresses of the were like victor mature, eastwood,burt lancaster ,sean connery.

In times of plenty ,women were much taller and almost as tall as men and men were not broadshoudered and muscly ie like caprio,bieber ,brad bitt and women all skinny like kidman, portman, blaken lively etc.

Why? Because in times of harship,war ,climate change evolution makes women choose stronger more manly men to give him ,her and their children the best chance of survival in times of sudden violent she like her mother turns on the testosterone at fetus time to produce more he -man type men.after all ,her greatgrandmother and her friends did same to ensure the current generation can find a man who is a same token,men in times of chaos want to be consoled by and sleep with feminine looking women.they dont want to hug guy -looking gals!

Part two :of what happens in times of plenty will follow at a later date. My fingers are killing me! I hope i have not bored you but i thought it was fascinating!