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GDPR Harvester

(Gone/first movie) How worse can it get??
I honestly thought cinema couldn’t go lower than the Star Wars sequels where feminists and SJWs completely destroyed our beloved culture. For the naive viewer, this film above seems to be written by the protagonists themselves, but don’t be fooled! It’s well written to manipulate its audience into a macabre agenda. Spoils ahead: A homeless white single mother (clearly his fault) starts a passionate relationship with another homeless white girl. Initially only a black couple give them change (the lady, who else?!). Many white people completely disregard them until a white lady offer them a dirty dipper, witch they eat happily (white culture?). Another white guy shows up in a cloak only to flash them his private parts and no one gives them any food until the end of the movie where the single mother receives an apple… after being forced to eat her partner. I bet in the sequel she will eat her own child. Very sick portrait of white people, be warned!!