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Sorry, as i did not read your whole comment before starting to write me reply, as i got all exited once i saw that you had purchased your very own P-900 Brother, lol. But Yes, and exactly as you state,, The waters above, are as the waters below, and the fact that our bright and colorful skies are filled with GOD,s Creation makes me feel a lot better than that lie of that Godless BIG-Bang garbage. And their bullshit that we were created out of nothing, for nothing, and that we ourselves are nothing, just goes to show how Evil These Jew-Fucks really are by trying to hide GOD from us all. It has completely blown me away, and Yourself Also Svarg, that we are part of this new discovery, of truth, and good for all of Mankind, because we can now,,, “today” prove once, and for all, that what is written in Genesis in my 1800,s King Lames Bible is (ALL TRUE BROTHER). šŸ™‚ Do you know how Epic This Really is bud? And your other facts about that mini submarine hitting a lake at the bottom of the Ocean, just confirms everything that much more. And also like you state, the Russians have dug a 12 km. hole, that could not be breached no matter how hard they tried, or how many drill bits they busted,,, “GOD SAID NO” Deep enough guys, lol. What we are now proving my good brother is of Paramount Importance, of Biblical Proportions, and It Must Be Spread Far, And Wide, for the love of God, and Of Our Beautiful Flat-Earth, if we are to help change these Evil Ways, And these People that have almost succeeded in destroying it, along with our children,s mental health. I am going to love doing this even more now, because we have the tools with all this biblical truth, and proof, to back it all up, as i am sure you will also delight in this mission also. We must continue to expose this Global, And Evil lie brother just as God himself would want us to do. So Godspeed to you brother, with that new P-900 Camera, and God bless you also brother, as this has made me incredibly happy, as a result. šŸ™‚