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****And here is what most of your Girlfriends look like Guys, and that’s on a good day!*****

And this is the only picture that i could get of her, and i could only get it by turning her upside down myself. You See Guys & Gals, Because I Have Been Completely Unable To ((EVER FIND HER)) Or To Find Any Real Pictures Of Her. So What I Did was **TO CALL NASA** And I Told Them That I Was Doing My Thesis In Photography, And Needed Their Help, lol. ((THIS IS 100% TRUE GUYS, & NO JOKE)) I Contacted NASA at 1-321-867-5000 and spoke to somebody real, AND IN PERSON, And This Is What I Asked Them,,,

Could You Guys Please help me out, because i am a student of Photography at Harvard, and for my Thesis I Want to Blow Away The Whole School Away with **THE VERY BEST VIDEO EVER, FROM NASA.** So It Would Be Awesome If You Could Send Me An Uncut Video Of Our Whole Earth while Zooming-In on Australia Seeing People Walking, Cars Driving, And Planes While Flying Upside Down??

Let me put you on hold while i find somebody that can help you.
5 Minutes Go By,,, And A Dial-Tone, lol, ((SO THE BITCH HUNG-UP ON ME))

So I Call Back with,


I Am so sorry Sir, we lost your connection when transferring You Over, lets try again,, “HOLD THE LINE PLEASE”

After “ONLY” About 3 Whole Minutes,,, DIAL TONE AGAIN, LOL, LOL.

So, I Call Back,,,

And even though *I AM POSITIVE* That they NASA Must Certainly Have Multiple Lines, All I Got Was, (GET THIS, lol) A Fucking Busy Signal For The Rest Of The Entire Day! COULD YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS??? LOL, LOL.

With Their Tens Of Thousands Of Active Satellites In Space At Any Given Time, That Have Amazing Detail, And Clarity, and boast that they can zoom-in on Something As Small As A 10 x 10 Aluminium Garden Shed, lol, Somehow
They cannot take (1 VIDEO) Even Once??? They have never, and will Ever be able to See One, I MEAN A REAL, AND ***Authentic Picture*** BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN IT DOES NOT EXIST, lol, And Even Photo-Shop Has It’s Limits.

And here is a couple more pictures of Her, Her Sisters, and Cousins from different angles SINCE NASA COULD NOT REPAIR THEIR BROKEN PHOTO-SHOP MACHINE, OR **THEIR PHONE LINE** ON TIME FOR MY THESIS.