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Is that a picture of Yourself, Aliciae???

And The Other must be your Twin Sister Spinosa???

Or Are You Just Fucking with Us, And Our Heads, & Eyes, You Little Devil and all it ends-up as as as as, being just a reflection of a a a a picture of Yourself, and just a reflec flec flec flesti reflecti reflection in a Mirror of You, making it look like Two???

Sorry G,GI,GI,GIRL, as i have a problem with STUD,,, STUD,,, STUDDERING!

Because one of my dreams has always been to Make-Out With Twin Sisters. 🙂

And mirrors, or not me likses the fuck, my Lady,, i,d still try to Fuck-on you, yea,,, You Both, hi, hi he,ha, harggg!!! without Breaking a Sweat from Dat-Mir, mir, mirror, and cutting Me 12 1/2 inch Da-Junk-Off. 🙁 Dat is the only reasin raisin,,, urrrrggg,, reson that my visiting Nurse Fuck’ed Me,too ard and breaked muy hip, now it,s a tragically hip wen changing mies dirty diapers cause of dat Horse-cock like she makes herself call it. Because of my studdering pro,rob, rob problemmms i never Gots much of Dat Puss, puss pussy, ya know. 🙁