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Empty soul

Mark, The BBC(AKA the big black cock corporation depending upon your viewpoint) has been getting torn apart all week here in Britain because the female employees have hijacked the meetoo movement and used it to propagate the gender wage gap myth culminating in them taking the BBC to court for sexism and loss of potential earnings and it’s absolutely fucking fabulous I tell you.

All these various organisations like the BBC that have bent over backwards in the name of political correctness, that have given preferential treatment to women, to minorities etc whilst openly discriminating against those they deemed to be a “pale and stale” straight white male are seeing it all come home to roost now.

They really should have seen it coming though. I mean, for years libtards have been letting black people get away with all sorts of shitty behaviour by branding them victims whilst calling everyone against it “oppressors”(racists). Same with the Jews, you can’t argue against the eternal victim that is the Jew otherwise you are an “oppressor”(anti-Semite). As a result of this black people play the race card every chance they get if it means gaining an advantage where otherwise there would be none. Same with the Jews, any argument you could ever make against a Jewish person will be met with cries of anti-Semitism.

We can add to the above women and sexism now(meetoo) as well. Every time they fail to get the promotion or pay rise at work it’s “sexism”(meetoo). They stink at their job and are about to be fired “sexism”(meetoo) so on and so forth. The point being that when victimhood not only gets manufactured daily but also commoditised and commercialised as well it creates a situation wherein the promoters of such ideology have no defences against a sneak attack from within because to defend would be to oppress and once they are seen to be the oppressors they are finished and out of the game entirely.

The above is why all the Hollywood cunts have been dropping like flies as well because they have been promoting victimhood and preaching self purity for a while now all whilst leaving no grey areas in-between meaning that reality based common sense plays no part in decision making thus their judge, jury and executioner takes a similar form.

To end with my own rip-off version of Nietzsche’s take on hope,

Pandora brought the box of ills and opened it. It was the gift of the libtards to the rest of man, outwardly a beautiful and seductive gift, and called the Casket of Equality. Out of it flew all the evils, living winged creatures of political correctness, thence they now circulate and do men injury day and night. One single evil had not yet escaped from the box, and by the will of Zeus Pandora closed the lid and it remained within. Now for ever man has the casket of Equality in his house and thinks he holds a great treasure; it is at his disposal, he stretches out his hand for it whenever he desires; for he does not know the box which Pandora brought was the casket of inequality, and he believes the inequality which remains within to be the greatest blessing, he is told it is hope. Zeus did not wish man, however much he might be tormented by the other evils, to fling away his common sense, but to go on thinking for himself and be tormented again and again. Therefore he gives Man common sense,- in reality it is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torment of the free thinking man.

To conclude, to allow anyone to gain via accusation rather than actuality is to create a game of self interest and lies wherein domination plays supposed victims off against their supposed oppressors.