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Thanks again my good and extremely educated, and not (Indoctrinated) Man. I Will surely check it out. But Some of the main reasons why I’ve always loved, and Respected Putin is, and was because, he completely Payed-Off All Debts that his Country owed to the IMF, & The Other Rothschild Owned World Banks, in Russia. He is now The Leader of A Country that has the largest **Orthodox-Christian** Population. And not like America’s Catholics, cause the more that See How The Vatican,,,& Our Joke-Pope operates the more that i have come to the realization, that they are in fact working with the Jews, and following in their every footstep, and their many sick Agenda’s.

I have noticed also that they have become, and are now Crookeder than any Pretzel, or Jew-Baked Bagel, has ever been cooked at Haggerman’s Bagel-Shop. And the sad fact that Vatican City is the Worlds Richest, With The Highest Annual Gross Income (Per Ca Pita,) does not Surprise Me Whatsoever, seeing that (The Pope) himself has been observed, and photographed, while kissing one of **The Rothschild Hands** when they visited The Vatican Themselves, a couple years ago. These Two Fucks,,, (JEWS, & CATHOLICS) and have been Directly Linked With Each Other while The Pope-Cunt has been bending over, and selling Off all of our Western Country’s Family Values, And What Little Remained of our Good Morals.

So by Following **This JEWISH AGENDA** of Completely Corrupting Our Western Schoolchildren with Perversion, and Filth, Like the promoting of Abortions,,, The Gay/Lesbian/Tranny Rights,,, And that’s Including, but not limited to the Gay Marriage Fiasco,,, 3 rd. Bathroom Privileges, in order for those Women with Cocks to be able to use as Their Very Own, and private Molestation Chamber, and Filthy Fuck-Room. Now, if that was’t Bad Enough, they are also now Promoting Fagotery Books *(Like Daddy’s Special Friend)* in our Kindergarten classrooms, Depicting 2 Fucking Queer-Boys, on a Rowboat, Gaily-Smiling At Each Other (With A Disgusting I WANNA SUCK YOUR COCK Look) on there faces that make want to fucking Puke Man.

And this is while one has his hand on the others knee, Promoting 2 Fagot Parents,,, (Fucken-Sickening.) And, get this brother,,, They have even gone as far as Promoting in some of Canada’s Provinces Classes, from Grades 9 to 12 Or (High School Students,) The Sick And Filthy Act Of Having Anal-Sex As A Good Thing Because (THE SICK-FUCKS SAY)
That it Avoids/Eliminates Any Possibility Of An Unwanted Pregnancy, & becoming a Teenage Mom as a result. And do not worry about the Smell, Or Mess, as you can clean it up with a little soap, and water. WTF IS UP WITH THAT??