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Haha .Thay is what happens when you work with a spouse in a business ,stress !

I told you to let the guy make the decision if whether you are worth it. He obviously did and thought you were a good investment after all !!

I am from a large former colony of Perfidious Albion ,large as in area with a traditionally white population, excepting the original inhabitants of course.

So married ,hah,well that may explain your reticence to comment till now.

Why did you come here? Is it blood and guts voyeurism or something different? I came here to witness islamic atrocities , I don’t particularly get off on beheadings etc but stay to rubber-neck like all accident watchers and for the friends i have made. I also like Bones tv series and forensics.

Are you ethnic Irish catholic or protestant ulsterwoman?
You do not have to answer of course, i just love history /geography and anthropology ,something you may have gathered from my posts.

Talk to you later.