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We must not confuse being sick, and tired of hearing songs to often, when you consider the fact that these same songs have been incredibly well thought of and written by people who loved to write a great story and turn it into a song. Let’s take Led-Zeppelin’s *Stairway To Heaven*, & The Eagles *Hotel California* for example. These Two Songs alone are in the top 5 Songs of all time, Including *Don’t Stop Believing* From Journey, and *Every Breath You Take* From The Police, “That by the way” still Generates ($1000.00 A Day)in Royalties For The Band, after almost 30 Years of continuous Airtime, lol. Although we might be SO SICK Of Hearing Them, it should not take away from the musical legacy because of the Radio Stations, and their overplaying the crap outta them.

When i went to see John Cougar Melloncamp in Concert, i was not at all impressed, as it was a very disappointing show. If it was not for the Pretty, and Incredibly Talented Fiddler in his Band, the show would have been a total joke. This is when i quickly realized how totally overrated he really is. Also Bruce Springsteen, now these are two of the most overrated American bands ever! But because they are American Bands and many of their songs talk about growing-up in the States, the American public have turned these Guys, their basic lyrics, and guitar strumming that has no depth, or style, into these incredibly Great Super Talented Icons, lol. And Man, lol, they are Wayyy-Overrated.

Bruce Springsteen,,, A Hugely successful American-Jew, who again Used His Country as the Lyrical Groundwork for much of his overrated success. Hard Strumming, and more Hard Strumming, to go along with *Screaming Catchy Tunes* with Very Basic Writing Abilities, (BORN IN THE USA I WAS BORN IN THE USA I WAS BORN IN THE USA) Ok dude we know now, lol. is what Bruce is known for. Written Lyrics have never been their strong point, but If You are A Proud American, (And There Is Nothing Wrong With That, As You Should ALL BE) Then ****HE THE VERY BEST,*** But For The Rest Of The World, he is just another “”Arrogant American-Jew”” MY SHIT DON’T STINK MAN-BAND, with very little talent playing the most basic style of easy money music.

John Cougar, ***AMERICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN*** Repetitive, Catchy Lyrics mostly about growing-up States-Side, without much intelligently written lyrics, (The Very Basic In Musical Skill)

Bob Dylan,,, The First White Rapper, as he never sang, but more or less “”TALKED”” while strumming easy repetitive cords creating the most boring style of music ever made. “A Musical Joke” No Icon Here ***ONE OF THE MOST OVERRATED EVER*** If it was not for help from Canadian Musical Genius (DANIEL LANOIS), He would not have amounted to much. It seams like everybody wants to be (A ROCK STAR), But nobody wants to do the hard work for it, ya know? lol.

Bon Jovi, (Pretty Boy,, But Again “Extremely Americanized” resulting in much of their success)with Cathy Tunes, but pretty good still.

The Beach Boys,,, Simple lyrics, repetitive strumming, very little talent as a whole, except for their very decent vocal Abilities. But the (Exact Same “Tune Style” With Almost Every Song) shows their overall limited musical abilities. They would have done just fine as incredible singers, if only they would have left some of the writing
skills, and the composing of music for an outsider to produce, they could have done so much more instead of the limited sand/beach/blonde/bombfire type of stuff that they have remained stuck playing over, and over again, resulting in a style of music that got old quick.


(Underrated Simply Because These Bands Are Not American)
The Fact That The British/English Bands have produced some of the very best In Rock & Roll Music that has Ever been Written, and Played Anywhere In The World, is a known Fact. So when judging a band for it’s overall talents,,, lets not make the error of judging their worth Because Some Of You Are Sick Of Hearing Them On The Radio. Because music should be judged on Intelligently well written “Lyrics”, and the “Originality” of the Music Itself,,, and their differing styles, and the way they all come together to create . The Bands Nationality Should Have Nothing to do with the Individual Band Members Talents, and Their Distinctive sound, and Lyrics, And The way it all comes together creating this beautiful/original music that we have all enjoyed while growing up.

The Eagles,,,Elton John,,, Pink-Floyd,,, Supertramp,,, Queen,,, The Beatles,,, Johnny Cash,,, The Rolling Stones,,, Eric Clapton,,, Creedence Clearwater Revival, CCR,,,Roy Orbison,,, The Travelling Willbury’s,,, Genesis,,, And Of Course

This Man who now resides near Hamilton Ontario Canada, was born in Hull Quebec A small city right across the river from Ottawa Ontario Canada. He has released a few French/English Albums including Acadie, which is short for Acadian’s, People that live in or near New-Brunswick Canada, that speak a different type of half English, mixed-in with French, which is really cool, actually, and you can here it in his song below Jolie Louise. If you listen to the guitar style, you will hear what sounds a little like U-2 as this is the guitar style that he brought to the band. These Acadian’s are some of the Friendliest, warm, generous people that you could ever meet. Any ways,,,lol, back to Daniel Lanois. This man has done what no other has ever done for the music industry, by creating his own styles of music, customizing guitars to have sounds come out of them like never heard before. He Is Responsible for U-2 ‘s Success, And subsequent fame including the millions of albums sold because of him. Other Artists That Daniel has helped produce studio albums include names such As **PETER GABRIEL**,,, **NEIL YOUNG**,,, **BOB DYLAN**,,, **WILLIE NELSON**,,, **THE NEVILLE BROTHERS**,,, **RON SEXSMITH**,,,**EMMYLOU HARRIS**,,, JUST TO NAME A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE NAMES HE HAS HELPED RISE TO STARDOM.

Now these bands above have very different set of individual skills, and talent, along with some writing abilities that are second to none, if you take for example *Bernie Taupin*, who wrote most of Elton John’s songs, he has displayed a level of creativity, and a completely different style of music, with every song, keeping his music fresh,,, original, interesting, and very well choreographed making Johns Successful Musical Career Span Decades, as an Epic Professional in the music industry. Daniel Lanois a musical genius himself can take just a sound from his guitar, or keyboard, and turn it into a song with relative ease all the while, making the the originality of it,making bands sound like a completely different band with every song they write, produce, and then Subsequently end up recording recording. Now this is the genius of good musical talent, in my books, and how bands should be Rated as a Result, and not just from Simple, and Easy to Play Catchy Tunes, lol.