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My dear Youtube is a place for sharing entertaining, intelligent and educative content, like this video:

As you can see, it promotes diversity and multiculturalism. I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard these two lovely words enough so that’s why we made sure they were like prayers to be chanted over and over again by the global mainstream media and several other influential people, parties and organizations.

Now this ugly video that you posted does not culturally enrich anyone, that’s why we hid it. Goyim, if you find a video that is censored know that we did that whith YOUR best interests in mind because WE KNOW what’s best for you. Our team of professional data analysts carefully analize every information and deem what is true and what is false, so if it’s censored you can be sure that it is filled with hate speech, racism, antisemitism, bigotry, nazi apologism and lies.

So that’s it for today goyim, keep eating what we give you to
eat and don’t bother going down the rabbit hole. Though the best goyim is the one that is not even aware of the rabbit hole hehehe! *hand rubbing intensifies*

– Dr Shlomo