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I incidentally ran across Ghost on YouTube. The first video I saw was “He Is” (official). My exact thoughts were, “I wonder what kind of silly euro-trash this is gonna be?” By the time the song was over I was looking up everything they’ve done. They have an interesting history as well. Subdivision and Magna Carta Cartel were bad, very bad in my opinion. Tobias Forges’ death metal band, Repugnant was bad by any standard. So this Ghost concept was a brilliant move on their part.
I like thier 80’s progressive rock sound over Deep Purple or The Doors type foundation with a twist of Satan. The tight rhythm guitar riffs with the synth/piano layered throughout is something that I can appreciate. A phone, tablet or small device does no justice. A good quality sound system is the way to go. You can hear all the little nuance’s and layers.
And fuck your snare drum. Lol. At age 11 I got a little rubber practice pad because it made no noise. Then 5 years later I got what had to be the cheapest drum kit EVER! I thought my parents hated me. I flipped hamburgers until I got my first Pearl kit. Throw in a compliment of Zildjian, Gibraltar hardware and, well, I don’t have to tell you how many goddamn hamburgers that was.
What’s your favorite non death/black metal music?