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You’re right, but I don’t think Red Ice is controlled opposition. But yeah, there are a lot of them out there fooling a bunch of people. Lauren Southern for instance. I watched Rebel Media before Ezra fired everyone and revealed himself as not an exception in the jewish gene pool, he was truly one of (((them))) the whole time. Lauren is clearly an att whore, clinging herself to the SJW-bashing subjects that never get old but anyone with half a brain can do it. She clearly depends of the money given to her by bluepilled sheep that THINK they are right-wing, and cucks of course.

Meanwhile she is very evasive towards more important subjects. Faith Goldy, who was also fired by Ezra, is going in the right direction, kinda. You probably watched the video where she gets interviewed by Lana. Lauren is too coward to even associate her name with Red Ice.

Another shill is that Tara McCarthy character that has jewish ancestry, a lot of cucks to listen to her useless and long ramblings and give her money, and can’t take no criticism. She literally disappeared from Varg’s comment section after he briefly criticized her. Last time I checked she also doesn’t have any kids, her eggs are almost drying up and she still thinks men like Varg are sexist for thinking she should do her part and give birth to snow niggas BEFORE opening her mouth.

Lana recently gave birth and said more White babies are on the way. A true role model, after Marie Cachet of course, that has 5 kids, homeschools them and still have the time to talk politics. That’s what Varg was explaining in one of his videos.