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I would put The Beatles at the top of my list of overrated bands also. At this point, I kinda feel like they’re only famous for having once been very famous. The music that they made has little influence now…in my opinion.
I’ve always thought that Rush was/is overrated as well. 3 great musicians who come together as a mediocre band. I saw the Roll The Bones Tour a long time ago and was just saddened by the whole thing.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers was another WAY overrated band. That said, I can listen to John Frusciante play guitar all day.
Mettalica (1990-present) should not exist. Iron Maiden…totally overrated.
THE ENTIRE COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY!!! Simple music for simple minds! I live in shit-for-brains central evidently because as a mid-sized market we can’t give Behemoth a decent venue but some fuckin’ Cleevis and the Chigger Bites or whatever will sell out an arena. Fuck me! But I digress.
I TRY to find something good in everything that I listen to, so, I can list far more bands that I feel are underrated than overrated.
Janes Addiction had a big influence on me. The Talking Heads, Dio, Black Flag, and the motherfuckin’ Deftones (the angry shit on Adrenaline). Coal Chamber had potential. Suicide Silence with Mitch Lucker on vocals may have been the best live performance that I’ve ever seen. Hatebreed is really good live also.
I’ve always been a fan of Simon And Garfunkel. Don’t know if they were ever considered to be overrated or underrated as I was either yet to be born or shitting in pampers back when they were doing their thing.
A quick nod to past U.K. Pop. The Ting Tings are almost as generic as it gets, but a few songs have some musical merit. There are some pretty cool guitar riffs in a few songs.


The fact that you brought up Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp has set my therapy progress way back. I could not tolerate either of those acts.
From a musical standpoint, I never got it. Just didn’t get it. So many people have no idea what music is. Here’s why I say that. A hugely disproportionate amount of music fans are hung up on a songs lyrics. It’s as if a songs entire content begins and ends with “the words” and what the singer is singing about. Well, fuck that! If the lyrical content is all a person hears and all that they expect they should just go read a book.
Vocals, however, are definitely important. Vocals can ruin a good song or salvage a bad song. Vocals are simply another layer added to the compilation of sounds that make music.
I mention this because the throngs of Springsteen fans were duped by lyrics. They were force fed these blue collar, red blooded American lyrics being shouted over what sounded like the worst garage band ever. The fans ate it up because it’s patriotic and shit but they really never noticed that they were being sold a pile of absolute shit with zero musical integrity. Record Co. exec’. have been putting shit bands together and raking in cash for such a long time. Don’t get me started on Five Finger Death Punch! Commercial radio rock fags!
I guess it time for my meds.