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Lord Wankdust


Please groove on sir. Please understand I was only ever posting a comment about an act/ band who I felt was over-rated. It was never ever meant to be an attack on the personal taste of someone who favours that act/ group. Just because I suggested that a particular act/ band was over-rated does not mean that someone else does not have the right to “rate them highly” (but that is not what this thread is about).

The right to disagree and not like the same things, not agree about stuff = FREEDOM. It is how the World is… not the homogenised rubbish the One World Govt wants us to all agree on (everyone has 7 genders, Quorn is great, global warming is real, mass immigration is great, destabilising givernments is what the USA should be doing etc. etc.).

This is why BG and people here are the coolest of the cool. We are FREE. And free to disagree and still co-exist without hissy fits and wars.

Love on brother.