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Total value of all the tangible assets I own is less than $1,000 and all of them fit into one backpack. Most of it is dirty underwear, but there is one laptop I was recently donated, one old cell phone and a GoPro camera, which are responsible for 90% of the value of my assets. I do not own a house or anything of sorts and sleep about half the time without a roof over my head. I live hand to mouth, but I do a lot of it by choice as I do not strive to fit in. Then again, just as you can’t be cheated on if you don’t have a girlfriend, you can’t be robbed if you don’t own anything. I do however own intangible assets in form of this website and a couple bitcoins so while an evil government could steal the former (when I got Canadianized, I quickly sold 2 dozen other websites I owned at the time for $30k, though their value would have been over $100 but I had to sell them instantly so I took some loss, but there isn’t any of that left as I had to use to for survival during persecution and to get me out of Canada), they can’t touch the latter. This way, if I’m not forced to spend it and BTC goes to $1 Million, I will be a millionaire one day, ending my cycle of poverty 🙂