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Lord Wankdust

London Cockney Michael Caine gives an absolute career high, portraying Scottish Jacobite Alan Breck in the 1971 version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Kidnapped”. All thrilling swordfights, kilts in the heather, shipwrecks, more kilts, adventure, startling scenery with added kilts (all pretty much location shooting too) filmed totally in kilts along Scotland’s Argyll’s seaboard. The narrative drive is slightly subtle and the plot turnaround is heartbreaking. The entire cast is solid gold. The beautiful and supremely talented Vivien Heilbron plays Catriona. This is just a flavour… but does anyone actually remember what acting used to be like? Watch and learn.

A very beautiful and thought-provoking film which quietly engulfs you in its twisting plot. It is simply one of those magical movies which turns out one hundred times better than it might have been even on a good day. Everything works and everyone puts in brilliant performances in a flawless narrative, exquisitely shot. A brilliant hour and forty minutes.
Oh yeah… and just when the tears are welling at the end they hit you with Mary Hopkin singing a ballad to knock you off your tail.

That’s an ending.
Back to school now modern film-makers… watch and learn.

The whole thing is there on YT. An hour and 40 minutes of your life not wasted.