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Questioning one’s Existence

I think you are correct of such an assessment.

For I still seek to find purpose in life otherwise if one does not seek purpose in life as they say, “One shall seek purpose in Death” and that could lead to Suicide yet I refuse such thoughts. For I must resist such things, so I can let the Angels sing.

Death seems rather peaceful as terrifying as the potential ways to go that is, so I must continue to live for my own sake.

As for the Birth of the World,
Such Beauty met Chaos, as the Man and Beast of Life and Death and the struggle of it all, Man shall find Woman, Man shall find Man, Woman shall find Woman,
And how it all goes according to plan, yet if things go awry one must recollect their thoughts of life and purpose for if one loses such things all hope could be lost.

Self discover of oneself.

If I lose my way, alone in the Light but within Darkness of my own mind, within the boundaries and confines of my mind, body, and Soul, well that is if I have a soul. As I listen to the Strangers of this world always Judging rightfully and wrongfully so, as if they were tearing me asunder for what? They are not Gods, Angels, Demons, or Devils for they do know maybe that is why we judge others the same as they judge me? As the same I judge you? For if I was the God of this world.. wait no, don’t fall into that folly for you know what could not be. One should not think of what goes beyond their control make peace with it even if the World seems to be at War with you as they say the Universe may be for you or against you, “thinking tends to make it so” borrowing from Shakespeare just a little bit more morbid though. From the times of Judgement and even before so there was no judgement just acceptance, but too much acceptance may never get anything done for it may leave you empty inside and wish for a bottle and a gun.

Agreed with your point regret can be the deadliest seed to grow into now, for regret a simplest idea for if planted in one’s mind it will grow and grow and grow. What fruits will come from such a seed? For I do not want to know. For if such a seed was to grow into our minds it may lead to more unnecessary burdens.

I do not normally make short poems in the rhythm form of way but I’ll keep practicing this was a form of excercise on my part plus I did enjoy the poem above from the original post and also wanted to add along with your theme @Deathdew just read this in a poetic way I think I follow more a poetic story instead of poem.