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No claws out here, I’m just giving an objective opinion. One woman’s negative opinion of another is not always a ‘catty comment’ @hopingfornemesis, I expect better of you than to assume that! If you remember correctly, I responded positively to her posted photos, more power to her for putting them up if they were genuine. No one, least of all any of the females her attacked her for it.

However, I AM immediately suspicious of a ‘woman’ who arrives on a site like this and engages in little more than suggestive and flirtacious back-and-forth with the gents. You know the type I’m thinking of *cough*KendraBee*cough*. Her photos are really irrelevant, it’s the standard catfish behaviour that bores me. You will notice how people like @illegalsmile55 among others actually contribute to the conversations, make intelligent and funny comments and are not solely obsessed with prickteasing and convincing men about how deep, dark and sexy they are! That’s a real woman, damnit! (No offence, illegal, I’m sure you’re plenty deep, dark and sexy! lol)

I’m all for naked photos, not an issue, the more the better! But I’ll reserve my admiration and respect for folks that can follow it up with some substance!