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Lord Wankdust

This is a very beautiful and thoughtful film. It is NOT a quick watch or a film that gives you answers. But it will help you think. Even if through that thinking, you realise that there are powerful people and groups who have been thinking and working at this kind of shit for decades and decades and winning all the way. Before we even pulled our socks, underwear and shoes on.

Adam Curtis has made a few other great documentaries for the BBC.

Try to track down and watch “The Trap – What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom” which he made for the BBC a few years back. In the same vein as this “HyperNormalisation” film. Really excellent watching.

You gradually understand how News is actually made, spun and written. Long before it has happened. Not a conspiracy… just how things get done. Nasty – but it is always better to know than not to know. Ignorance is not bliss.