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Empty soul

Further to the above, at no point does the liberal/socialist movement place the championed above themselves. They, the white liberals, are always at the top of the hierarchy and the championed always at the bottom. Their supposed “white guilt” never seems to erode their own existence as a “superior” white liberal class, it only ever erodes the less liberal lower orders of which the liberal classes wish to see gone and replaced by a more agreeable one(forever expanding).

For instance, the white liberal/socialist once stood by; fought for and promoted gay people and gay rights. Once gay people got those rights however they became politically diverse and in doing so caused the libtards to dispense with them and chase after the feminist. The feminist was fought for and after earning equality the libtards dispensed with them and chased after the transsexual. The libtards also currently chase after Islam as well. The point being that each and every group they fight for and follow tends to throw the last group under the bus as far as social/religious rights are concerned which tells us that ideals and held beliefs and policies are the furthest thing from the libtard agenda. The agenda being that those currently championed must be absolutely dependent and subservient to those doing the championing lest they be dispensed with and replaced by a newer more agreeable model.

To conclude, white guilt/white shame should by all rights destroy the white middle/upper classes. It should destroy the white liberal classes as well but it does not. It only benefit’s them in fact. Such anti-white rhetoric only ever hurts the lower orders which proves that it is targeted to the lower orders which further cements my view that libtard “anti-white” rhetoric is not actually anti-white but anti-white working class in general.