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Shit, I know we have been fucking up the Middle East rightfully or wrongfully I’ll let you decide and I’ll try to keep this short but do you think we are better off messing about in Syria or should we just fuck off of the Middle East entirely; personally, I believe we should stay out of it but I am smart enough to know every other Nation has their Ambitions for the Middle East plus we have Allies within the area, but I am aware of the chemical attacks since of the Helicopter attack that dropped chlorine gas according to so I am a little curious of your view on Syria are we trying to regime change them again which is what I am familiar with by the way we aren’t the only nation who has done such things.

Now the next thing I have looked into Radio Free Syria on Facebook so I am concern what is your take on it I may be already mixed in so many different Rhetorics of different perspectives on such things.