You said it brother, and RUSSIA-ROCKS While NATO Sucks Da-Rocks, lol. 🙂

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Andre Ouellette
Has Putin got Trump by the balls?
Andre Ouellette
Andre Ouellette, former Residential Construction Supervisor (1992-2014)
Answered just now
Yep,,, and I Am Happy Big-Time in saying-so, because he in Fact, Has ALL of the Western Worlds Countries by the Balls Also,,, not just The U.S. and here is why! As Russia saw a few years back, An American Destroyer entering the Black Sea in order to Attack Syria, and kill more civilians, to blame on Assad and Putin, they simply flew some new Mig-Jets Over it,,, flipped a switch with their new, technologically-advanced, Top-Secret,,, Khibini Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon, and Bang!!! just like tripping a breaker, or turning-off a light switch,,, lol,, they just completely shut-it down, & disabling ( what was to be),,, The U.S. & NATO,s new, super advanced, most sophisticated, and non-penetrable AEGIS- Equipped Missile Destroyer System Ever! This resulted in complete panic for it,s crew, as The USS Donald Cook, was left 100% Dead in The Black Sea, while These SU-24 Bombers flew over them real close about a dozen times, imitating multiple missile strikes against them, all the while dipping their wings as to not be complete assholes, and give them heart-attacks, by showing them that they carried no missiles, and that in itself showed us something that NATO-Forces do not have,, never had,,, and never will have,,, and that is,,, *Class!* And the only reason that the Americans were sent there,,, was because the Sheeple were all turned into complete bleeding harts overnight, by simply being lied to, yet again,,, by the ZOG, or in Layman,s Terms,,, The Zionist-Owned Mass-Media, along with our very own Establishments. So they lied to us by saying that the U.S. were going there to stop Assad, and The Russians from bombing, and senselessly killing, anymore of these poor,,, poor Innocents, when in fact,,, they were actually sacrificed, and being killed by the other side, but hmmm,,,i wonder who ordered this??? So in reality The U.S. only went there in order to intercept, and trying to prevent the Russian Missiles from doing an awesome job at Blowing-Up And Killing Their Israeli/Zionists Agenda Driven Mossad, & C.I.A. agent- buddies, that were dug-in inside I.S.I.S. bunkers training them on how, and where to continue planning their next attacks against Schoolkids, and Hospitals, using Chemical-Gas supplied by Israel, or Turkey, while also supplying them with the necessary weapons to achieve mass casualty rates in order to continue again,,, blaming it on You Guessed-It Again,,, Assad And Russia. So Yea,,, i am really happy that oh,,, and, (get this),,,before i forget,,, most of The Servicemen, and Women on the Donald Cook, handed in their resignations, as soon as they got their Piece-O-Junk,”Poor Excuse For a Warship” restarted, and off the closest friendly Port, as some were crying, others shaking, and in (Complete Shock, and Horror) because of what they just had witnessed a few hours, and earlier that morning. So just by them knowing Darn-Well, that there was absolutely No-Way, that they could “Ever Be Able” to beat such a technologically-advanced, and incredibly Strong Military to begin with, being coupled with the fact that they could see for themselves, that the Russians also had something that they once had at home that was stolen, and completely corrupted from them,** was enough to make even the thickest-Skin General weep like a 12 year-old Girl, experiencing her period, and subsequent battle with P.M.S. for the very first time. And because just one look at Russia,s military, and their Beautifully Proud Men, and Women that still have, and defend To The Death,,, their extremely Good Christian Family-Values, and good Morals,, Something that disgusting “Babara Spectre Herself” destroyed, & corrupted our Western Countries Children, Men, Women, and their whole Societies with. And The Americans Knew after this day, that they would never, ever be able to get back, especially with George Soros, and their False-Flag Zionist-Agenda,s looming around every corner.

So In Closing,,, It Looked Good then,,, and still looks Darn Good Now, On These,,, The Whole U.S. and their NATO-THUGS, cause they are nothing but Hired Slaves, & Killers Sent in to kill, and be killed, in order to remove a no no leader, and replace him with a yes, yes Puppet in order for them,,, THEM-PIGS, to continue advancing The New Word Order, and it,s Evil-Agenda,s. Just look at how incredibly accurate Vladimir Putin was when he stated a few short months ago,,, that these Same Mossad & C.I.A. Agents were planning their next Gas-Attack on Syria,s Innocents,,, and what happened this past weekend??? So Stop Serving These Zionists, and their Agenda,s of death, and complete world dominance with their lies, and hidden agenda,s, and start Waking-Up Western Countries.