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Lord Wankdust

The entire pantheon of the Norse Gods kicks utter fuck out of Jesus and that other shite.
Ragnarock and the Rainbow Fucking Bridge, those Vikings and Norse Cunts really knew how to worship a batch of proper Gods… Immense Feasting, Entire Winters spent Beer Drinking, legendary Week-Long Farting Battles, Epic Poems which took three weeks to recite from memory, they liked to spend Springtimes pillaging monasteries and using hand-written bibles to roast Nun’s Tits on for snacks.

If Jesus was alive briefly 2,000 years ago then he’s dead now. He poofed around the Hills of Gaylilee and then the Homo-Romans and Jews nailed him to a couple of planks of wood. The Vikings were busy knocking fuck out of the Homo-Roman Empire, sacking Instanbul/ Constantinople and discovering America.

PS. Yes. That is Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple on the mike amidships.