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An “Anglish” Thing eh?
Just like my lady-lexis – I hate to be “that guy” – But bad spelling is one thing (Im an awful speller myself), BUT spelling the name of the country you COME from with the wrong FIRST LETTER is taking “bad spelling” to quite a different level… dont you think? 😉 lol

Glad you are training in mental health though, our country needs as may nurses as we can get. Especially in that field.
Are you training “in house”, ie. working under supervision of a qualified nurse or doctor, & receiving a bursary?
Or are you taking a full time uni or college course?

Im from England also – Ive never heard it described as “the land of the brave” before?!
America (U.S.A.) is known as “the land of the free and HOME of the brave”, because that is a line from the U.S. National Anthem.

I recon it must be a regional thing, eh? maybe they call England “the land of the brave” in your region?

SO, Where-abouts are you from in England?
Im pretty (quite,actually) good with regional accents… both knowing them and understanding them when written down… so dont worry that i may have any “difficulty of trying to read it”.

Nice to meet you too (?)
WELCOME to the Site.