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The creepiest occurrence at my morgue happened about 8 months ago. I just finished cleaning and sat at my desk to finish some paperwork. When it’s just me, the morgue is really quiet. That’s when I hear a little giggle; a child’s laugh. At first I thought I was hearing things but when it happened again my heart fell into my nutsac. I was scared. I’ve been to war and had only experienced fear like that in combat. I opened the door to the outside where our loading dock is and there was not a soul in sight. Still I hear the giggling and turn to look at the cooler door where we keep our bodies. It was slightly ajar. I walked toward the cooler and the laughing gets louder. I consider myself a realist and somewhat rational man. When I placed my hand on the door handle to open it I was questioning whether or not I’d lost my shit. Stepping inside confirmed my fear. I could tell it was coming from the rear of the cooler which just so happens to be where we keep our infant death and fetal demise cases. Great. I mustered all I could to put one foot in front of the other. The laughter brought me to a table with a body in bag. I unzipped and was relieved to see a cell phone and other personal affects with the corpse. WHO IN THE FUCK HAS LAUGHING CHILDREN FOR A RING TONE!?