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Lord Wankdust

@itsplaster “Mary, queen of Scots was a religious choice.” I’m not sure what you mean by that but I presume you mean that Elizabeth murdered Mary because Mary was a Catholic. Not true. Elizabeth trumped a conspiracy charge on Mary after a 19 year incarceration and had her killed because Mary had the right to the throne.

Elizabeth never fought the Spanish let alone defeated them. She left that to men. She stayed at the Palace and played with her lady-companion’s minge while twatting herself silly with the latest exotics like potatoes and tobacco pipes. She left no legacy. No offspring and in that respect she was a Darwinian failure. Shakespeare, Drake, Johmson, Spenser… they were all men and nothing to do with the poisonous, lesbian, murderer and Darwinian-Dead-End Elizabeth.
I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time on “The Tudors”. They were a crew of Welsh Peasants farmers. The Stuarts were the more important ones.