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Lord Wankdust

You are right. You are so right. Henry VIII was a fat useless cunt and so were his useless offspring. His useless wives were soooo crapulous at producing proper male offspring that he had to form a new church so that he was able to divorce and chop their heads off. Seymour was a slag who whored and was given Henry’s favourite final annulment procedure – decapitation. It certainly shut her fat yap.
You don’t seem to agree with History (which doesn’t bode well for dealing with current real-world situations) and what Henry did to his slaggy, crapulous queen. Plastercaster states “He should have hung on to that Catherine Howard… I think her beheading was unfair.” If you don’t agree with History why don’t you go back and tell Henry VIII? I’m sure he’d listen to your wisdom. Take you own tip and don’t “open your fat yap to reply. Don’t like the topic (eg History), skip it. Nobody had a gun to your head. And the beat goes on….” You brought up the Tudors in the first place… we were all happily discussing Queen Victoria’s pyroclastic bearded clams vent.
Here on BG, topics and our worldly wisdom ranges far and wide. People add, diverge, contribute and range freely. It is called Freedom of Speech and most people on here generally approve of Freedom of Speech. Others like yourself simply do not approve of free speech. That is how you are and how you show yourself.

You’re a really rude creature who is unable to join forum discussions without resorting to ad hominem (personally directed) attacks on posters (rather than discussing the actual topic or adding a new point or angle). I think you need to rake your salt marsh a bit more regularly, as there appears to be an infestation of crabbiness below the high tide line. This ill-becomes a woman who we all must presume is already toiling with day-to-day wretchedness. Stay comfterbull plastercaster! Welcome back! We all sure did miss you.