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Real life, not fake, or alter ego just my bullshit and I well my older brother got arrested a while back on April 30th in Belvidere and aparrently there was a warrant for his arrest, yet we were suppose to hangout for his Birthday and I’ve been told that he is an heroin-opioid addict and I am an enabler countless of times I believe in it as I don’t believe in it 50/50 and all I don’t care about having to help him out because it causes mania and or manic or whatever that psychological bullshit is, this is not the first time this has happened back during Roscoe, IL down to Rockford, IL and for a third fucking time in Madison, Wisconsin should I help him out as a brother and family member which either is my responsibility or not my responsibility the choice is my own but which guidance and misguided perspective I am asking those of you here any of you if you are currently reading this whether I get any response is up to you I have been taking breaks from this shit for real life shit, now I’ll probably switch over to not gonna do anything just going to type on there to see their point of view I am tied of this rehash relapse bullshit should I suffer for their happiness, selfish I know, sometimes I must be selfish because if you are too selfless people will walk all over you and balance is not always my skill but perception is if I remove my bias and prejudices and phobias for I currently want to see how things will play out but I can’t sleep over this bullshit his girlfriend from which I don’t have a problem with currently she either really misses him or it is all bullshit either way I need perspective and here I am typing out a real life problem on a fucking shocksite for which I may or may not even use again and may or may not care about anyone here it all depends on the state of mind or environment or whatever fucking bullshit for I am getting tired of this garbage.