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Empty soul


If only keeping up with the trends was all it took for men to get laid we would be much, much happier. Unfortunately, it is money that spreads a woman’s legs for the most part.

The above gets broken down into job prospects and wage level which goes towards deciding whether you are relationship material or not. Women for the most part are not screened equally like this however because as long as they don’t look hideous it doesn’t matter if they flip burgers for a living and have no job prospects they will still get men chasing after them and will still get relationships.

The reason why men and women get so much sex and relationships at college/university is because they are equal in status there. Nobody is a somebody yet and everyone is aspiring so there exists equality for the most part. Obviously physical appearance plays the greatest part in you can attract but for the most part even your average looking man can get laid and attain relationships.

The above ceases to apply however when boys become men and they must show far more than just keeping up with the trends to keep getting action.

I speak from experience when I say the greatest destroyer of men’s ability to attract women is employment and wage level. I was a working man before uncontrolled immigration began in Europe and am still a working man now and I have personally witnessed the shift in attitudes of women towards men who lack prospects because I work alongside many women everyday and I can tell you right now that when uncontrolled immigration pushed down the wage levels and prospects of the lowest workers those men became undesirable and women wanted nothing to do with them.

I would hate to be young again nowadays because for those men on the lowest rungs the game is fixed.

Anyway. In the above, social media and dating apps and such act to hasten the screening process and boost narcissism on the whole because humanity gets taken out of the picture. It would still be this way without social media of course but would go at a slower pace.