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Empty soul


I’m not mgtow and never have been. I have been dating the same woman for a number of years now and am quite content if not a bit bored.

I am also against the incel mentality as well. There is absolutely no point in hurting women just because you can’t get laid. In fact, getting yourself thrown in prison for murder like that latest Canadian guy did is not going to improve your chances of landing a woman. Quite the opposite in fact.

Still, it is my experience and that of my friends that most women want to date upwards for reasons related to social mobility.

In western Europe for example uncontrolled immigration has pushed up the house prices and now most working class people cannot afford to own their own home anymore. The cost of renting is also very high in relation to the shitty wages which forces a lot of people to live at home with their parents for much longer than they want to.

In the above, not many women will date a grown man still living at home with his mother whereas men will date a woman still living at home. This creates a situation wherein those men with low prospects and/or in low paying jobs get passed over for men with better prospects.

You see, most women will obviously deny that they date for money but when you boil it down and look at what it is they are actually seeking out it is undeniably so. There is nothing wrong with that per se of course because not many women are going to want to date the destitute in a society where money is needed for survival. It is still an observable fact though and one that hinders many men.

Personally, I own my own home but was only able to do so because I bought it before uncontrolled immigration came in and pushed the prices up. Same way I have long term employment really in that I was able to establish myself and rise through the ranks before being forced to compete with millions of cheaper workers from abroad.

, perhaps it’s a location difference in our experiences. My experiences are from living around and working within big cities. Do you perhaps live outside of city life?.