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My first advice to you: use some damn paragraphs next time you’re going to write a text of this size, ye dork! It makes the text more pleasurable to read.

Nah, I’m just kidding with you man (and at the same time I’m not, use paragraphs), so here’s my real advice to you: avoid single mothers at all costs, except for the old pump and dump. If you want to be an Alpha, that is. Otherwise you can go right ahead and get yourself involved with her, she’ll just be using you to get the things that the guy that got her pregnant couldn’t provide to her. Money and attention is involved, and taking care of her child too.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking she doesn’t have second intentions. If at this day and age most women already greatly benefits from this gynocentrical society we live in and love to take advantage one way or the other and definitely will never be marriage material, then just imagine a single mother with real needs. I think @refuse2renig also offered good advice, but I’m pretty sure you will find these 2 articles of extreme importance, especially the first one:

Being an Alpha doesn’t mean to go out fucking chicks left and right and never compromising with anyone. It means to never be a pussy-whipped cuck no matter what. When you think about it there’s not much of a difference between these “dudes” and chads that brag about being with a lot of girls and the typical neckbeard loser, except for the amount of time and money these chads spend on girls. In my book they’re both contributing to all of this degeneration and cucking and the lack of enough traditional families, especially amongst the White population.