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Lord Wankdust

I would take a few days to read some epic poetry to get yourself in the correct zone. Make a nice meal (say a beef casserole) then dont invite her but eat it yourself. Work out how to make it better. Then read some more epic poetry and decide if you actually want to cook this woman a nice meal. Get some fish fingers in for her kid. Have a go at cooking those and then eat them in a sangwidge. Work out how to cook them fish fingers better for her kid.
Read more epic poetry and try to figure out how you could manage to cook both simultaneously and serve them both at the same time. Have a practice run at it. Eat everything yourself. Take a shit. If you reckon that you will be able to achieve the kind of 2-meal synchronicity (serving fish fingers and a beef casserole at the same time) then maybe you can step forward.
Have a shower, a shit and a shave. Giving a full week’s notice, invite the woman and her kid over for lunch. Serve and then go for a walk in the park with them afterwards. Enjoy some solitary, casual masturbation later that night after she has gone home with her kid.
That might be a beginning for you. A place to start from.