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Well I certainly never meant to offend anyone and appreciate the responses, I knew I was in for something good when I seen @hopingfornemesis @Mrspock and @Deathdew However, to my female respondent who I know is an intelligent being – your views are respected too. I have much food for thought on this matter, and as far as good looks, I have been told I was good looking all my life, I never questioned it or was self conscious until the popular beautiful girl from the preppy and me started talking that was 8 years ago and I was 16. She told me I was good looking and what not but I also know she sent many warning signs early on such as her excuses and last minute cancellations of dates, she led me on for over a year. We would stay up all hours of the night talking about anything and everything. Finally after so many months of doubt and what not (keep in mind this is my first attempt at a girlfriend) she invites me to a football game my school vs hers and she wanted to hang out with me the whole time where my school shirt ECT , I mean she hyped it up pretty big, then when I got there we briefly met outside the gate upon arrival and she told me she would be right back and I never seen her the rest of the game and she wasnt returning my messages. Then my buddy Eli informs me she was seen swooning over a groupvof soccer players and I mean I had been trying with this girl for a long time but had reached my breaking point that night. Of course when I asked her about it it was obvious she didn’t care and so I knew it was shady and I was essentially being friendzoned so I stopped talking to her. Not that I didnt think about her but I ignored her fir a few days and she came around and messaged me on facebook like “hey! I’m at the soccer game you should come over” so hope wells inside me once more and I get dropped off at the soccer game and I talk to my crush looking in her eyes and not acting weird or anything for awhile and she even keeps her eyes locked with me the whole time. I go to hug her when im and she withholds and then informs me she can’t hug me because her boyfriend is at the game playing soccer. I ended up telling her off very shortly afterwards. I should have more to add to this and respond to all valid points that have been made but I’m going to have to take a short break.