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Listen to what @haydolf_hittler has to say – personal improvement, that’s the key to a good and productive life that is worth living. Improve your mind, body and spirit, constantly. Go to the Temple of Iron, exercise, read lots of books, know what the hell is really going on around the world, eat healthy, never lose touch with nature and avoid degeneracy at all costs. Resist the temptations and live a simple life. There’s much more to do in terms of personal improvement, but those are the basics.

Seeking a long term relationship is the right way to go imo, that’s what I’m going to do too. How old are you, Terry? I’m 19 yrs old yet and not losing any time. I’ve been in a journey of constant improvement for the last 2 years. One good thing about us men is that we have more time in our hands than woman do. More time to put our lives on the right tracks, and women generally prefer older men. So even if you’re on your 30s you are still young.

I’ll only bother with long term relationships when I’m in my late 30s or early 40s, and that`s when I’ll also be in a good situation that will permit me to do what I want – live in the countryside and have a big family, 5 kids at least. I don’t know if you’re White, or if you’re redpilled, but the woman you seek must be intelligent, and that’s hard to find these days. She does not need to be as intelligent as yourself, but she can’t be brainwashed and stupid. She must be intelligent enough for you to redpill her yourself so you both have the same objectives and know your union is more than physical attraction that will fade away quick. Hard, but not impossible. But then again, what in life is good but easy to achieve?

But as I said before, personal improvement is the key. What if you find a woman with such potential, but you’re not prepared? Make sure you’ll be prepared, improve yourself! Opportunity doesn’t knock twice.