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Empty soul

I agree with you both on the situation itself but find the causes of the situation to be somewhat different in that I don’t believe the situation to be natural but contrived instead.

We could say that women are just born sluts but that wouldn’t account for the differences between generations or the differences between ourselves and countries with greater family values.

Essentially what is happening then is that society is projecting a template which acts as a behavioural modifier. Positive and negative actions are pressed upon the people with a feedback loop that rewards or punishes accordingly and this in turn causes us to act in ways that are beneficial not just individually but socially as well.

The reason why city folk used to be very different to country folk and why behaviour varied from one geographical area to the next was because community and society was one and the same.

So, why is our social template currently so warped?. Because people no longer use their own communities as their templates anymore and use social media and celebrity as their behavioural modifier instead.

The above is why so many young people nowadays are maladjusted and unable to function in the real world because their sense of reality has become warped as a result of unrealistic ‘bubble’ perspectives and echo chamber feedback systems.

Anyway. To press on with the point I am making. With social media and celebrity as their template people start to form unrealistic expectations of themselves and start to make unrealistic expectations on others as well. Basically they want it all because they have seen others have it all even though those others are the rarity and not the norm.

In the above normality becomes boring and unforgivable. One is forced to always try to upstage the other and getting tied down with “responsibility” is a negative, not a positive.

People have become walking, talking advertisements in other words. They obey all trends. They take on all social movements as their own and they parrot media speak and buzzwords in their everyday lives because the world of celebrity, the world of media is the world of advertisement.

The world of advertisement is therefore a good point to look at here. Why do you think that advertisers mostly always target women with their ads?. Why do you think the pushers of miscegenation always advertise the modern family as being a black man with a white woman?. Because women are more easily influenced into behaving in certain ways than men are and the advertisers know it which is why most interracial relationships nowadays are in fact black men with white women and not the other way around.

To conclude, the reason why so many women nowadays act like they are in the staring role of Sex and the City is because they have been sold into the idea that anything less is boring and a waste of a life and of course a society built upon a foundation of want, want, want is a profitable one for the merchant class.

The above is why I said it was contrived and not natural because our previous moral based system is being on purposely eroded and replaced with one more in-tune with a market of mammon and naturally women are the first to fall in line due to their innate self-preservation routine of submission and adaptation as opposed to fighting and they are helped along via the liberal men who rally behind them and fight for them even though it is a losing battle.

Anyway. I am a bit drunk at the moment so I hope my ramblings have made sense somewhat and if not I apologise.