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GDPR Harvester

@empty-soul It seems the white race is intent on bending over and taking up the ass. The white man was always man enough to turn the other cheek, ignore the slights and put downs from minorities but it seems those little digs have sunk into the psyche of some white males, especially those brainwashed by the left ‘s narrative. We need to start arguing back, defending ourselves and our right to occupy our own spaces. And don’t get me wrong, i’m from three generations of multiculturalism, yep a multucultural family of all colours and the way i speak people would think i was a white supremacist but maybe in life you need to learn from your own experience and i say multiculturalism doesn’t work because there is no such thing as equality therfore someone will always try and take power just as we see now from the muslims and the blacks. It’s all really just about power. My family though multicuturalism lost nation, religion and family, nothing is left but just me floating about on the wind like a leaf belonging to nothing and going nowhere.